At Night, a short reflective poem on Night Church, Gill Reeve

At Night

At night, the Shepherds scampered down the hillside in search of a place of hope and promise

At night, Nicodemus consumed by questions left his home in search of some answers

At night, Jacob wrestled with his doubts and his fears until it was dawn

At night, Jesus found himself alone, deserted by all his friends

At night, the Israelites wandered in the desert longing for somewhere to call home

A lot happens in the darkness

Chester at night is a place of laughter and noise, of vibrancy and chaos, of community and conflict.

At night, a woman cries as she recalls how her mother, now racked with cancer, has weeks to live

At night, a young man enters Night Church to enquire whether as a Muslim he is welcome

At night, a man too drunk and too sick to get home is left by friends who head off to dance

At night, a woman in the depths of depression wonders how she will live another day

At night, a man addicted to heroin sits quietly, he has lost everything and is dreading Christmas

A lot happens in the darkness

And through these night time encounters, I find myself transformed;

by people’s vulnerability, courage, questions and needs.

I feel something of our common humanity; for I too need places

where regardless of my beliefs, my doubts, my addictions and my pain,

I am accepted and loved.

A lot happens in the darkness

Open the doors wide – move along a little – make some space;

for there are many more to be invited,

and so many people are still left outside.

Stand at the door and welcome them in – there is plenty of room.



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Night Church will be aiming to find 30 individuals, churches or organisations who would be willing to give on a monthly basis to support the work we do. It would be fantastic to have 30 people or groups who are interested and prayerful about Night Church.

Night Church Chester door teamAs ‘Night Church – Chester’ becomes a charity in September, it finds itself without any funds. Therefore if you are able to give £5 a month then this would be a really wonderful contribution to the work and every small donation is significant for us.

Night Church has about 3000 visitors every year; it means hundreds of people come into church on Saturday nights on their way to pubs and clubs! Many are stunned to find St Peter’s open and it often leads to some amazing conversations about faith. Recently I chatted to a woman whose mother was dying of cancer; she was very upset and in fear of all that was to lie ahead for her family. We chatted and prayed together and as she left she said that she realised that if she was going to get through the coming months she didn’t need what she found out on the streets on Saturday nights, but what she did need was the Church. She said it was something she had never thought about before.

Night Church Chester Sept 14In early September some of our team travelled to Hull to train a group who will open a Night Church in Hull in October. This is an exciting development and we are keen to help and support them all we can but we will need some funds to do so.

We believe that Night Church is an important ministry in Chester and we would love to see it grow and develop.  If you feel that you could be one of our 30 people/groups then please could you respond by emailing a pledge to using the contact us form. Once we are ready to receive funds through the new charity , we will be back in touch with the details of how you can make your donation – we will also let you know whether we reached our target of 30 supporters in 30 days! With every blessing, Gill Reeve

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Night Church Blog moves home

The Night Church Blog has re-located from its previous home to the new Night Church website. Sign up to receive future updates by email.

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